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Lion Aluminium and Glass Company is a leading company in the region for shower glass partition for bathrooms service. We have been providing our customers with high-quality solutions since 1982. We specialize in installation, repair and service of all types of shower partitions including glass doors and enclosures. We are committed to the satisfaction of our clients, so we offer one hundred percent customer satisfaction guarantee on all products that we install. Call or Message on Whatsapp for repair/service purposes.

Bath shower glass partition installation and repair service available. Urgent fixing service of any leak in bathroom shower area glass partition will be dealt on highest priority.

Shower enclosure Dubai price and technical information

A shower glass enclosure is using to offer privacy and waterproofing bathing area. It’s usually installed either upto the ceiling or below the ceiling, with the design and color fitting into the surrounding decor. You just moved to your new apartment and searching for shower door installation near me then we are the first company for this work. Shower glass near me Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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Shower glass partition dubai

If you are planning to buy a new shower glass enclosure or replacing your old fashioned glass shower curtain, you must ensure that you will get the best value for your money by ensuring that you get the high-quality glass for the glass shower doors. The glass that is used in the bathtub glass door is one of the most important features when considering the protection of your feet and hands.

The glass of the glass shower doors should be durable and resilient to maintain the proper protection of your feet and hands. The durability can be determined by the following factors:

* UV light – To keep the glass enclosure protected from light and moisture, it is essential to get UV resistant glass. UV resistant glass means that the glass has a maximum concentration of UV filters in order to remove the harmful rays of the sun. These filters remove the ultraviolet rays from damaging the glass, as well as to keep it clean and durable. Any outdoor glass cubicle there is a UV resistant glass will be used.

* Safety – you must choose a glass door that will provide you the utmost safety when using the bathtub and bathroom in your home. We are using the highest GCC standard tempering technology for safety. Different types of glass door designs have a different number of perforations for the dust to pass through.

* Density – If you have children in your home, you must ensure that you have chosen a glass shower door with openings that allow the dust to move and settle to the bottom of the glass enclosure. To achieve the best performance, you must choose the glass enclosure that allows the maximum airflow without the accumulation of dust and moisture.

* Dimension – You must also consider the dimension of the glass enclosure before buying it. You must get the door that is the right size for your bathtub, and that will fit your home’s window frame properly.

* Warranty – To provide the best performance of the glass shower door, you must select the one that has a warranty. The warranty will provide you the assurance that you will get your money’s worth.

* Performance – there are many manufacturers and installers of the glass enclosure that offer their customers various options to customize their glass door. If you prefer, you can request the installation company to choose an option that is specific to your needs.

When you need to invest your money for a glass shower door, you should ensure that you will get a glass enclosure that is the best in quality and protection. Before making the purchase, you must compare various brands and styles to select the best choice that meets your requirements


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Shower doors Dubai

Are you looking for a shower door dubai based installation company? You should considered following details when scheduling the call, It is essential to use a tempered ( non -breakable ) glass that is designed for use in bathroom shower glass partition. There are many types of bathroom shower doors, all of which do provide easy access to enter the shower area. Bathroom shower glass price will be the same but the handle price will be as per the type and size of the handle. Before choosing a shower door, it is advisable to discuss the kind of shower enclosure you want with the manufacturer or installer so that you can make sure that you will get a suitable one that will fit your home and the style of your house. When you consider the design of your home, you may consider the amount of light, moisture, and the presence of water in your bathroom. Consider also the materials and designs of the glass for your glass shower door. You must have chosen the best one to offer you the maximum protection to prevent moisture damage of your feet and hands. If you are the type of person who likes to give your home a touch of elegance, then you must consider the bathtub glass partition. The Bathroom Glass Shower Door is placed inside the tub or used to enclose it, and there are also a number of designs to choose from. You can even use it at the sink to cover the shower area. It can also be added to the bathtub either at the front or back part of the tub. Most people install a Glass Shower Door either at the edge of the bathtub or at the sink counter. It can also be added to the bathtub on one side of the wall. It looks elegant, offers the greatest functionality to keep the floor dry and privacy for the people taking a shower.

Glass partition for shower

If you want to upgrade your entire home, you can consider first installing a glass partition. It will give your home a modern look, as it add design to your beautiful home. Shower glass partition Dubai price vary on the designs you may select according to shape of your toilet. Shower Screen Dubai designs include,  curved, oval, round and partition shape shower glass Dubai by lion aluminium and glass. Apart from the cost of a shower glass price, there are also factors to consider when you are purchasing glass. You have to choose the right shower glass thickness and the right way to install it. When you are installing a shower glass price, you have to make sure that you purchase it properly. Installing a shower glass incorrectly can lead to a lot of problems in the future. It is important that you pay attention to the material that the glass is made of before you start the installation process. It is also important that you choose the correct height for your glass. If you choose the wrong height, the glass will appear as if it is too thin or too thick. When you decide on the right glass thickness, you have to make sure that you choose the right size. It is better to choose the right size for your bathroom, as a wrong choice could result in a shower that is too large for your bathroom. When you decide on the right placement of the glass, you have to make sure that you choose the right glass for your shower. For example, if you want to place the glass in the center of your shower, you have to make sure that you choose a glass that is designed for the center of the shower. As you can see, installing a shower glass price is very important. Whether you decide to install a modern or traditional shower glass partition, it is always good to make sure that you have the right measurements.

Shower glass partition for home

Shower glass partitions are not just a functional addition to any bathroom in your home but add aesthetic look for shower glass screen. As a matter of fact, there are several reasons that glass shower partition is one of the most important interior decor items. 

The following are just some of the reasons why shower glass will add beauty and elegance to your bathroom. For individuals who are trying to achieve the desired color combination for their interior design, installing a shower glass will help them achieve this. With glass shower partition, you can customize the look of your bathroom to whatever you want. This is due to the fact that there are countless designs and styles of shower glass available for you to choose from. To add value to your home, you can consider the shower glass price. When you look at a glass shower price, you can easily appreciate how unique and high-end it is when compared to other shower items and accessories.

When you are looking for shower screen Dubai, you have to keep in mind that it should be safe and easy to clean. The cost for a non breakable shower glass is cheaper than old wired safety glass. High quality shower glass screen will last a long time and improve the overall appearance of your bathroom.


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Dubai is the thriving Emirate of United Arab Emirates, one of seven cities that make up the United Arab Emirates. There are many theories about where Dubai got its name from: some say it derives from a type of locust infesting this area called "daba", while others maintain it refers to an old market near by which was known for trading in goods such as honey and fish-oil. Dubai is a booming city with luxurious skyscrapers and immense shopping malls that have been compared to Singapore or Hong Kong. With just over 13 square miles under its belt (that's smaller than Los Angeles).

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Why you need Bathroom Glass Partition?

It seems that there are many different options for a Glass Shower Enclosure. There are many different reasons that individuals opt to have one of these in their bathrooms. They can help your bathroom look more elegant and beautiful. These enclosures are also very useful in separating your bathtub from the rest of the bathroom.

There are many different designs for this type of glass enclosure. It can be made out of glass, but it can also be made out of plastic. A shower enclosure that is made out of glass will blend in better with your bathroom’s design.

A glass enclosure will not interfere with the showerhead in any way. This makes them ideal for someone who is trying to prevent water from getting into the tub. When you have a shower enclosure made out of glass, it will blend in well with the rest of your bathroom.

When you install a glass door in your bathtub, it will not interfere with the work you need to do on your bathroom floor. The floor of your bathroom will not be cluttered up by the glass door. It is imperative if you are trying to give your toilet a modern feel.

There are several different made of glass that you can choose when you are looking at getting a shower enclosure—the standard and conventional glass which use are from China and Saudia Arabia. You will be able to choose the color that best suits your bathroom. While there are some colors that really don’t blend with others, there are also others that are nice and good together. Many people prefer the color combination of yellow and blue.

One of the great things about getting a shower enclosure is that they can be easily installed on the showerhead itself. Installing them on the same as the head alone can be difficult. If you are using a shower curtain for your glass door, it will be easy to get the glass door installed on the showerhead. The curtain and the showerhead can be easily put together. Sometimes when necessary care is not taken, then you might burst the internal water pipeline. A Technician takes care of all these vital information prior to install shower glass partition and its doors.

Glass shower doors are also available in different sizes. This can be used to your advantage when you are looking for the right size for your bathroom. Many different sizes of showers are available, so you can get the one that best fits your bathtub.

Many people choose to get a glass door in their bathroom because it is easier to clean. They do not have to scrub the grout or the tiles that are used to build up a solid door. Some people choose to use an additional sealant for a glass door to help protect it from water damage. Because glass doors are relatively inexpensive, many people choose to have them installed in their bathrooms. Many people also get them in combination with the shower enclosure that they buy. They might buy a shower that is already a glass door, and the glass door will be installed on the shower itself.


It is important that the glass doors you get fit properly in your bathtub. They should be able to slide in without causing any problems. They should also be able to open and close smoothly. Another benefit of getting a glass shower door is that they can help keep your home cleaner. By keeping your shower area dry, you will be able to avoid many problems that can come from cleaning it. It is much easier to clean your shower door with a glass door than it is with a simple shower curtain.


People who are thinking about getting a glass door in their bathroom should have order shower enclosure that has a smooth and clean appearance will not be hindered by a cover, having one will help to extend the life of your glass door. You will be able to use the cover over again and not have to worry about it looking dirty—every time you want to use your bathroom.

Shower glass partition thickness

There are a number of reasons why you may want to add a standrad thickness of tempered glass Enclosure to your bathroom. The biggest advantage glass will be light weight and strong enough at the same time. One of the largest issues with homeowners today is having someone snooping around their bathrooms.
Traditional glass shower doors can break and may not withstand some of the weight and force, and they are exposed to. Most homeowners have been upgrading their bathroom sinks to ceramic or porcelain. This provides the sink with extra strength that lasts a lifetime.
The Bathroom Glass Door is not that expensive to install either. It’s mainly a matter of cutting and installing it to the wall where it’s needed. With the many shapes and styles, you can pick to fit your bathroom and other decorating ideas you can use to pick the best one for your tub.
Once you’ve installed the Glass Shower Door to the bathtub itself, you can install it to the rest of the bathroom. It’s available in many materials such as stainless steel, glass, and even concrete. Whether you choose glass or granite, you’ll have the most beautiful bathroom possible. The Shower Enclosure will add beauty to the bathtub by protecting it from outside influences. Some people prefer this style of Glass Shower Door because it allows them to step into the tub with more confidence and privacy. The Barrier Style gives the bathroom the look of a private spa or a private bath. While some consider it too expensive for their budget, others see it as an investment.
You may want to consider the Bathroom Glass Shower Door if you need to install a Shower Gate to cover your Shower Area. The Shower Gate has an elegant, classic appearance. Some people who love traditional design styles love the Bathroom Glass Shower Door for this reason.
If you’re tired of the old Bathroom Shower Doors that covers up your bathtub or is falling apart, then a Glass Shower Door is just what you need. If you’re interested in the beauty and functionality of the Glass Shower Door, then why not talk to your local contractor about it?
Be sure to ask them about the different styles, types, and brands of Glass Shower Doors that are available. They’ll give you valuable advice on which styles and types work best for your home. With all the different choices out there, you can find one that will blend in with your existing design and style.


The Glass Shower Door will add value to your home and makes your bathroom feel more significant than it actually is. You’ll have a great-looking, well-designed bathroom without the hassle of having to install a traditional Glass Shower Door.

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