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We are providing glass services, whether you have to made it to order or want to repair existing glass related services or you like to upgrade to modern design according to your need and design.

Emergency Glass Repair

Do you have any enquiry? Call now to schedule a quick site inspection and replacement or servicing of glass door or windows.

Home Glass Service

Concerned about your safety if you have unwanted opening due to broken glass or cracked glass? Do not hesitate to Call.

Commercial Glass Service

If your office space, shop, gym, spa, school, library have a broken glass and your customers safety is at risk, call us for fast response and fast turn around.

Glass Services in Dubai and Its Neigboring cities.

Many people in UAE may have to adjust in little spaces but doesn’t wish to make it look congested. A couple of areas ought to be partitioned for a variety of purposes, for example, for making separate workplaces in 1 office building or home for a type of use. You may divide your available space to create a completely different room, or utilize them to present your interior a more contemporary appearance. Many people prefer more light in their home and offices, or it could be someone looking for quick solutions, or maybe someone is looking for noise reduction in their home office or modifying existing old drywall which needs regular maintenance. In UAE in summer heat goes up to 50-degree celsius drywall start to show ugly cracks which need to get repainted over and over.

Glass partitions or other glass-related services need very minimal maintenance and its easy to remove when you are living your house or renting it to other people.

Lion Aluminium and Glass est. located in dubai-Al satwa offering Glass related services and maintenance for existing glass doors, panels, partition, replacing broken glasses, replacing a double glazed damaged glass, cracked glass replacement, Shower glass door, fixed glass panel, glass patch fittings and accessories.


24/7 Emergency Service in Dubai

An emergency can strike anytime at your home or office, which need emergency service or maintenance at your home, office or any commercial spaces. Our glass experts and specialists can resolve at any time of day or night, and we are also working on weekends to serve you

Office or Shop Front Glass Doors Services in Dubai

Many old shops in Dubai using old aluminum frame fronts in their shops and offices, that thick frame blocks the view and product displayed in the shop and offices.

Shower glass or Bathroom Cubicle doors and Partition

Many people are moving from fibre shower tubs  and plastic curtains best looking showers glass partitions and swing doors.

Glass Expert Specialists 

Our team can complete the job within a given deadline to prioritize emergencies at any location in Dubai. Your safety and privacy is essential for us; We do offer one-day replacing tempered glass which usually takes more than 3 -4 days.

Glass Door Handles in Dubai

There are types of handles available as per customers requirement, and There are following types of handles available in UAE

  • S type stainless steel or Brush finish Handles for glass doors
  • C type, H type SS or brush finish handles
  • Glass Door Handles Repair and adjustments in Dubai

Sliding door for glass partitions in Dubai

Due to limited space in the office, shower or home needs sliding door installation. We are providing the solution in heavy duty sliding door fitting and lightweight door fitting for smaller sizes of partitions.

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Table Glass or Counter Table Glass Services in Dubai

Do you have a table or a counter which you want to keep it new for a long time or you want to modernize the existing table or counter? We are offering you the best glass (4mm, 8mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm)services in Dubai for following

  • Arch design glass cutout for your table
  • Square or Oval shape glass cutout for your counter
  • Customized glass for table
  • Polishing the existing glass table top
  • Tempering existing glass which you imported from a foreign country
  • Diamond shaped glass for desk or shelves.

Glass Doors Services in Dubai

Are you planning for services related to the glass door, We are offering you a complete solution for glass door related services and maintenance. If you have a plan for made to order glass door installation at your office, home, bathroom, toilet cubicle, schools, spa, gym or your workings spaces, we are offering following services primarily related to glass doors:

  • Replacing glass door floor machine
  • Installation of glass door floor machines
  • Made to order glass doors in Dubai
  • New Glass Door Services in Dubai
  • Changing damaged glass door all over UAE
  • Glass Door Locks Repair Services in Dubai
  • Glass Door Locksmith Services in Dubai
  • Replacing glass door broken transm
  • Replacing broken frosted glass door
  • Sandblasting Glassdoor
  • Sliding glass Door Repair in Dubai
  • Replacement Glass for front Door in Dubai
  • Replacement Glass for Patio Door in Dubai
  • Removing glass panel from steel Door in Dubai
  • Replace front Door Glass Panels in Dubai
  • Entry Door Glass Repair in Dubai

Glass Windows Services in Dubai

Many villas, apartments, offices and commercial places are using glass windows, the most common issue people face is a broken glass of windows. Amongst the top reason, old glass windows don’t have tempered glass, so if something hits on it or due to heat, the glass gets a crack. We are offering glass window replacement, and also new Glass window services in Dubai made to order as per your requirements.
We are offering more glass window services all over UAE:

  • New Glass Window Services in Dubai
  • Repairing existing glass window
  • Replacing broken window glass
  • Modifying the existing window design

Glass door handles repairing and maintenance services

Glass door handles can be loose sometimes after one year, or handles are pulled or pushed when glass door is out of omission. Most common repair services needed at shower doors handle which always get moisture. Do not worry we get your covered with handle repair services for following:

  • Glass shower door handles Repair in Dubai
  • Shower door handles replacement Repair in Dubai
  • Sliding shower door handles replacement Repair in Dubai
  • glass shower door handles replacement Repair in Dubai
  • Frameless shower door handle with magnet Repair in Dubai
  • Bright chrome frameless shower door handle with magnet
  • Frameless shower door handle installation Repair in Dubai

Glassdoor hinges Repairing and Installation

Glass doors come with very minimal maintenance after installation. It only needs maintenance if there is heavy usage and it can be repaired without changing a lot of its accessories. The hinges on glass door are of two types of glass to glass hinges and glass to wall hinges for a swing door. We at Lion Aluminium and Glass services offering you hinges repair services which are listed below:

  • Shower door hinges Repair in Dubai
  • Bath Cubicle door hinges Repair in Dubai
  • Broken shower door hinge Repair in Dubai
  • Glass cabinet door hinges Repair in Dubai
  • Adjusting frameless shower door hinges
  • Shower door hinges glass to wall Repair in Dubai
  • Glass shower door hinge replacement
  • Glass shower door hinge repair Repair in Dubai

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