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Doggy flap and cat door in dubai

When it comes to protecting your pet from the heat and making their daily lives easier, there are a number of products that can help.

With summer coming up you may be looking for ways to make life with your furry friend more comfortable as well as easy. Common concerns include keeping them cool in hot weather or preventing fleas during warmer months when they’re most active outdoors longer periods of time every day. Every dog owner knows how important convenience is – especially if we have no choice but take our animal companions wherever we go! Luckily there’s both indoor and outdoor solutions available today so let’s explore what options might work best for you: 

Dog Flap for any size of doors.

Cat Flaps for any size of door.


Looking for professional pet door installation service?

Lion aluminium and glass are a company who install pet flaps for pet owners. They offer a range of services from fixing pet flaps, to replacing pet doors, and even pet grills. For more information please contact us today

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