Dog door for sliding glass door Dubai

Dog door installation will take our technician team only 3 to 5 working days from start to finish. We are fixing the dog door in the sliding glass door. We have dog flaps available for large, small, medium, and extra-large doggies. So, get in touch with us, and we will send our team for measurement at your home. If you are living in an old villa, then there is a chance that you don’t need to replace the existing glass, and we can make a cutout from that glass door. If you are living in a modern villa where you have a tempered glass sliding door installed, then we need to replace the glass and fix new glass with a doggy door installed to it. Many companies are manufacturing dogs door, but we always use the best quality door.

Installation Pet door for any type of door

Large Dog Door Fixing

Large doggy doors are in stock and our team will handle all the fixing in your sliding single and double glazed glass door. 

Small Doggie Door Installation

The small doggie door is already in stock for fixing. You have already purchased the flap prior to calling us and need our help for fixing it on your existing patio door or any other door? we will are providing only fixing services as well.

Medium Size Doggy Door

You have medium size doggy, then we have the right size flap available for your medium size doggy. A doggy door can easily be fitted inside the sliding glass door. Call us for more information

Extra Large Doggies Door Dubai

We know that your extra-large doggies cant fit in large size dog flap. They need a bigger space for them to quickly go out at the same time it has to be secured from unwanted invaders. To know more about this get in touch with our team for more information.

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Dog door installation Dubai

Looking for Dog door for sliding glass door Dubai then you are at the right place. We are offering our customers the highest quality door fixing service in Dubai to keep you safe from doing it yourself. Whether it is dog door for sliding glass door or for a hinged door we have solution for all types of doors. Want doggy door inside glass installation fixer at reasonable rates with fast service then we are here for you. The small, medium and large dog door for sliding glass doors can also be suitable for big size cats.

This will solve a common problem which pet owners have for sure! Before the door dog goes over and trying to get attention to go outside, or barking at the door and coming in happy to see the owner, that kind problem will go away. Now that the dog is independent, you will realize if they don’t need something from you, they will ignore you.

Doggy doors fitted in glass panels Dubai

Are you overwhelmed when the doggie door box arrives? In order to install this door, you need to have a familiarity with an electric drill. Don’t worry if you can’t fix it on your own. There are different sizes of doors available for dogs. Dogs are small, large, medium or x-large, so it is best to inform the company of the size and weight of your dog when you are planning to hire them for service. Our technicians are pets friendly and they know how to fix the doggie door inside the glass panel. The double-glazed glass panel will be replaced with a new double glazed tempered glass panel with a door cut out as per the dog dimensions.

If dog flap and cat doors are different?

Yes, Ofcourse that small size door for a cat is different smaller for small size doggy. A large dog door will only be suitable for larger dogs not for large cats. Extra Large dog flap for glass door is very secured only if the sliding door is opened to the patio or indoor garden. The best dog door for sliding glass doors with aluminium frame is from PETSAFE. Another best dog door for sliding glass door is from Trixie Company. We only use the best dog doors for glass doors from the best brand available in the United Arab Emirates. There are many other cheaper quality plastic flaps available in the market but you should always avoid them. It is better to invest your hard-earned money on Aluminium frame doggie door from PETSAFE. This would help keep the hot air from blowing in the house all Dubai summer. The flaps actually closed after the pet went through the door. The flexible plastic door flap is heavy enough to pull itself down toward the magnet at the bottom of the door. 

If the dogy door for balcony with one door is suitable?

You have to make sure the safety of your pet when you are thinking to install a dogy door in your balcony. These are some points you should consider when you are installing a dogy door in your open balcony.

  • If the walls are high enough for a small dog to enter inside the balcony.
  • Never leave you pets unattended especially cat in your balcony as the cat is very good at climbing higher walls.
  • The balcony should only be suitable to smaller size dogs who won’t jump up on the wall.
  • Never to keep blocks or material near to balcony hand railing as a pet can climb on it.

Get an estimate for dog door for glass door and sliding door in united Arab emirates

The Prices are different for installation od doggie flap

How to train your doggie when you get dog door insert for sliding glass door?
Once we install the dog’s flap into your door you have to make your dog through flap a few times they start to understand how to use it. As per expert estimation the dog get used to it within 10 to 12 times of forcing them how to do it. It starts to get a lot easier for them. It will take only a few days to get them fully autonomous.

dog flap for glass door dubai

Doggie door sliding glass insert for patio door

Doggy flaps 

doggie doors in glass doors
doggy door for glass sliding door

electric pet doors for dogs dubai
fixing aluminium door for the dog dibai

Get in touch with our team as we will help you provide more services related to fixing pet flap inside your doors. We are also giving Cat flap fixing service for sliding glass doors.

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