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Benefits of Using Microchip CAT DOOR

While the Sure flap microchip and Pet Safe cat door are a great way to give your furry friend access outdoors, have you ever considered all of these alternative uses for this technology?

Here are Four things you might not know about using microchip cat doors.

Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Cats are great at entertaining themselves, but they might not be so kind to let you stay outside all day. That’s why outdoor cat enclosures exist!

These spaces provide a safe place for your favorite feline to romp around without worry of being left far away from home if something distracts him or her while exploring outside its boundaries—like other animals looking threateningly at every passing stranger, with microchip door access that syncs via GPS chip authentication—ensuring no other animals get in between these two units.

Private Safe Space for Cats

Giving your cat a personal space that’s all their own may be one way to ensure they feel safe and comfortable in the home.
A great idea for those who have more than just themselves living with them, installing microchip doors on an inner door can create sanctuaries where cats live out quiet evenings away from loud noises like barking dogs or traffic outside; this option is especially important if you know some members of the family don’t always get along well because then there’s no chance whatsoever at tension between any two individuals settling down while someone else enjoys peace & quiet!

Multi Pet Litter Rooms

Multi-pet homes are always a challenge, but when you add in multiple pets that want to use the same space it can get really messy fast. One of my favorite complications arising from this type environment is how do we keep our dogs and cats from exploring their way into another’s territory? The solution is to put the cat’s litter box in a specific room and install it with an electronic microchip. Even if your dog has his own chipped card, he won’t be able open up this door since they are not charged accordingly – only cats have their own unique code on them!


We all know that cats are amazing animals. They’re sleek, luxurious and full of personality! One way to show this side is by getting creative with your cat door – it’ll not only keep them safe from outside dangers but also provide hours (and let’s face; days) worth entertainment in the process too!.
To start things off on the right foot I recommend comparing Sure Pet and Pet Safe selections which includes everything ranging form simple flaps or automated openers as well as various sizes available through XL.

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